We are so happy to share with you some of the projects completed over the past few years. Working with clients is always a rewarding experience, one of learning and growth. Project to project is a journey through new relationships, new design ideas; and new friendships as a result.

Design makeover is about helping build a space that you feel comfortable in. Sustainability is a key word we use at Home & Cottages because our story isn't just about the 'new' in a project.  It's about incorporating what you have, talking about where you have been, and looking to where you are going. Creating that space for you is personal.



renovated character home

We loved everything about working with this client. The perfect mix of modern, vintage & farmhouse for a home as beautiful as it is cozy

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eclectic downtown condo

This Downtown Loft is a live-in work space that has the feel of a New York flat! Original brick walls, concrete and metal interior cozied into a back alley smack in the middle of downtown. Someone will live that dream:)

This project was a collaboration between the owner looking to renovate and sell, a fellow designer Heather Morhart and Kathryn Kern. Audience was targeted, crew was brought in, furnishings by Home & Cottages.

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90's kitchen makeover

How better to describe this than with a review from the client:

"Couldn't have asked for a better experience!! Kathryn was amazing to deal with. I can't believe what she did with our kitchen, it's changed how we live in our home and made it a space we want to be in. I'd highly recommend working with Kathryn!"

This kitchen was completely customized with brilliant white marbled countertop, Benajmin Moore 'Mysterious' base cabinets, white oak slim shaker uppers and of course finished with some timeless European antiques

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white traditional kitchen

This kitchen was an amazing transformation!! From a small cooking and separate eating space, we flipped the layout to become a large, all encompassing, gathering space. And it worked so well!

The clients great taste for traditional style added all of the details necessary to pull this look together. Truly a work of art ✨

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country home makeover

Transitioning from a home with children to a grown up family.

Canadian made custom upholstery to fit the space perfectly. We repurposed the walnut cabinet onto the TV wall, and added new Wishbone chairs to the vintage Teak Dining Table. Fresh Loloi carpets and antique front hall console.

100% light and bright. 100% durable fabrics to withstand the grandkids:)

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strathearn home makeover

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holyrood eclectic home

There is always a way to make a small kitchen extremely functional while staying stylized amid an open concept.

Ask and we'll tell you our secrets ;)

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H&m kitchen

A wonderful transformation from a home well lived into one that feels brand new! The floors were previously chosen for color anticipating the kitchen renovation. So when the time came for the kitchen- we were half way there!

All of the cupboards were meticulously detailed, allowing adequate storage and organization for all of the needs of our client chef/bakers.

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