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8” Brass Pepper Mill

8” Brass Pepper Mill

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Handcrafted in Greece, our brass pepper mills bring premium function & timeless beauty. Receiving glowing & positive positive reviews for use and durability since 1977. Specifically designed to grind pepper corns, rather than smash, in order to maximize flavour and aroma. Grinding mechanisms adjusts from fine to coarse. 

Pair with our matching 8" or 9" Brass Salt Mill

Crafted from natural brass, these mills will patina with use. If you prefer a bright & new look, you can use a gentle metal cleaner to restore the polish.

Care: Wipe with a damp cloth. Residue left on the mill can cause oxidation. 

Never submerge or wash your mill as this will harm the natural brass. 

Only use the mill for grinding ingredients it was intended for. Pepper mills are designed for grinding standard peppercorns, but may also be used to grind dry spices. Generally, it is not recommended to grind larger peppercorns or spices with a soft core in these mills. Never grind salt in a mill intended for pepper, as this will corrode the metal mechanism. Salt mills have a food safe plastic grinding mechanism and are suitable for grinding dry sea salt or rock salt. Avoid “wet” or “grey” sea salt, or salt flakes as these will clog the mechanism

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