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Beaded Star

Beaded Star

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An artisan labour of wonder, designed to hang in any space where you’d like an astrological and starry-eyed reminder

This handmade item uses steel and wooden beads to offer a strong & durable star shape with texture, with a seagrass hook to hang. ​​Seagrass is a fast growing plant that many Indonesian farmers will grow specifically for artisan use. Once dried, it is woven into a durable product

Designed to be hung in any space, this piece of art will surely act as a joyful element in your space, connecting earth, maker and owner (or dreamer). Hang individually or layer with other elements. Each Beaded Heart is handmade one-by-one by skilled Indonesian artisans, and was curated by BC artist Judith Brock. Now, go wish upon a star!

Size: 20.5"H x 14"W (the size with rope)

Material: Seagrass, steel, wooden beads

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