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Hand & Body Lotion - Relaxing Lavender & Cedarwood

Hand & Body Lotion - Relaxing Lavender & Cedarwood

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Treat your senses to a serene blend of calming aromas and alleviate unwanted stress instantly. You won’t find any unnecessary, harmful ingredients in this formula. 

Cedarwood essential oil possesses an earthy, woodsy scent that dissolves tension and centers the mind to boost emotional health. In addition, cedarwood contains skin-softening properties that elevate the look and feel of your hands and body.

The lavender essential oil has been used for millennia as an effective yet natural stress-reducing medicine. This oil serves as a mood-soothing treatment and a natural antibacterial remedy to keep skin clean, protected, and healthy. Thanks to its easy-to-use pump function, the packaging is super convenient, so you’ll have a clean application every time.

  • Ultra-calming and hydrating natural hand & body lotion
  • Nourishing, protecting, replenishing, and mind-soothing
  • A tranquil blend of cedarwood essential oil and lavender essential oil
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