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Vintage Brown Glazed Jug

Vintage Brown Glazed Jug

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These Vintage Brown Glazed Jugs are hand dipped, so drip marks, imperfections & variation in glaze are often present. They were traditionally used for storing oil, but were also used as food storage. Timeless vintage treasure adding effortless charm to any area of your home. Early-mid 20th C piece. The inside of the pot is fully glazed & suitable to hold water.

  • Size: ~8-11" H x ~8-9" Dia
  • *Please note, this is an authentic vintage pot. Each pot is completely one-of-a-kind. Size, colour & various markings differ between each piece - all part of their unique charm! 


  • These vintage items require gentle care. Wipe with a dry cloth and avoid use of any chemicals. Not suitable for outdoors
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