Natural Deodorant Vanilla & Mint
Natural Deodorant Vanilla & Mint
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Natural Deodorant Vanilla & Mint

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Aluminium-free Natural Deodorant

With skin-friendly essential oils, this deodorant boost wellbeing and skin health with quality ingredients that keep you comfortable and dry. Made from 100% natural essential oils

How to use: However you clean your armpits, you must dry them fully before applying the deodorant. The formula of our deodorant glides effortlessly on dry skin, unlike many uncomfortable crystal-style natural deodorants.

Simply glide a few times to experience all-day freshness. If you’re using after shaving, wait a few minutes before applying to avoid irritation.

When transitioning to a natural deodorant, we recommend popping the aluminum-free deodorant stick in your bag and topping up through the day to avoid unwanted smells. It’s normal for your body to take a while to switch to natural deodorant.

Here’s what you can expect

Week 1 of switching to natural deodorant

During the first week of using natural deodorant, your body goes through a big change. Ever given up sugar or coffee? Then, you’ll be familiar with the brain fog and headaches that it brings.

We’ll be honest with you. When it comes to all natural deodorant, you get similar symptoms. But they come from your armpits. Think seriously funky smells. But, during this first week, you still have some of the aluminum compounds from your antiperspirant clogging your pores. So you’ve not reached peak smelliness yet.

Week 2 of switching to natural deodorant

By the second week, the aluminum plug has left your pits. And what’s about to unleash is years of trapped bacteria living under the surface.

Your body begins releasing waste like there’s no tomorrow. This is when people start to give up. But, it’s important to keep going. During this period, you must remember there’s no problem with your natural deodorant.

This is just the ultimate antiperspirant hangover. That bad smell isn’t just body odor, but a cocktail of bacteria, chemicals, and aluminum, too. And the sweat? That’s your body flushing out all the toxins. Top up through the day to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment!

Week 3 of switching to natural deodorant

Got to week 3? Well done! You’ll be glad to hear that the worst is over. The aluminum should have left your pores, and your body odor should have started to regulate. This means fewer smells, woohoo!

That’s not all. You’ll also notice you’re much less sweaty than you’d been the previous week.

Week 4 of switching to natural deodorant

Most people reach the end of their antiperspirant detox by week 4. By this time, you’ll be less sweaty and experience less body odor. You’ll also notice your natural armpit smell is much less pungent than before. This is because your sweat doesn’t really smell. Instead, it’s stale trapped sweat mixed with chemicals that smells.

When you realize this, you’ll wish you switched to all natural deodorant more quickly. We’re not gonna lie. The process of detoxing from antiperspirant isn’t pleasant, and this puts so many people off doing it. But luckily, there are ways to get through it.




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