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Renovating or building means that you're faced with mountains of choices, and we get that this can be a bit daunting. We have all been there at some point through our myriad of changes over time, and these are all important choices, crucial to the flow of your new space. 

So lets start with floor plans, traffic flow and what styles you like. Asking a designer is the best way to clarify what you are trying to express. Through your descriptions and visuals, to their pen/paper/descriptions, you will have your progress mapped out with time to spare!


While it may be true that we live with a throw away culture,  the art of re-defined style is alive and well. You just have to look at what you have through a different lens. Adopting a sustainable approach to design means taking some of what you have  and mixing it with with a new approach....  and that's where we shine!

Design is our passion and our priority -

Ask about our in-home design consultations or come visit our boutique showroom, 

we would love to meet you:)

Professional Design Team

Our design team has experienced building, renovating, and all aspects of Interior Design layouts, furnishing and finishing. 

Having worked this industry for upwards of 20 years means we bring experience to the table. Experience saves time and money.

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