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Renovating or redecorating means that you're faced with mountains of choices. We get that this is a bit daunting, but these important choices will help re-organize and re-define your new space. Trying to figure out exactly what those are is where we come in to help!

It may be true that we live with a throw away culture, but the art of re-claiming is alive and well. You just have to look at what you have through a different lens. Adopting a sustainable approach to design is where we take some of what you have ie: Grandmas antique buffet, re-upholster Grandpas favourite reading chair, and pair it with a fresh Canadian KHL sofa . That's where we shine!

Design is our passion and our priority -after all, it's not like you do this everyday! 

Ask about our in-home design consultations -or come in, we would love to meet you:)

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