Home & Cottages - Adopting a sustainable approach to furniture and home decor

Who Are We?


Perhaps we haven't met... Home & Cottages is a  Furniture Boutique nestled in the heart of a little Edmonton community called Strathearn Heights.  

As well as sourcing great furniture and accessories from all over North America and beyond, there is another unique side to Home & Cottages.  

It's the Art of Refined Style! 

How are we unique?


We proudly showcase a sustainable approach to design by displaying both new and refined furniture side by side. Our journey and our story are forever expanding with treasures we find along the way.  

  Refurbish, Re-love, Re-purpose are all great words used to describe  furniture from a time and a story, that somehow make their way into our hearts and homes.  We call it Personality - and guess what - it's on trend!!

At Home & Cottages we show you how it all fits together:)

Home Decor Advice and Design Services


It's how we help our clients create their sacred space. 

Color consultations - to create mood.  

Floor plans - to organize traffic flow.

Re Organizing - to freshen up!

Staging - to sell and move on.

Art Selection /Accessorizing 

Flowers - just because :)


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