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Whether it's a single room in your home or an entire renovation, finding the right balance is key to a well functioning space. Layout and flow is where we start, colour is super important, eliminating the excess then drawing out your style completes the picture. We recommend 1-2 hours for your first appointment. $150 per hour

Start to Finish Renovations

While an exciting process, there are mountains of choices to make. These decisions are crucial to the flow and life of your new space. We have a team to help cover all of your bases, including supervision all along the way. Hiring trained professionals ALWAYS saves you time and money!

Window Coverings

Don't miss this step. This is the completion of your room! Advanced automation systems are easily incorporated with new remote options for Draperies and Blinds. We offer in-home consultations for custom window coverings, to measure & discuss options. The $150 fee of the consultation will be put toward your purchase

Custom Upholstery

Selecting upholstery to fit your space may be difficult at a distance, but its our specialty. We help you choose fabrics for best wearing, size for best arrangements, offering Canadian companies with 8 week delivery times. Re-Upholsterers if needed to revive your treasured pieces all in gorgeous fabrics to suit.


We all need a makeover when a new season arrives and our homes are no different.

A Consultation with fresh eyes may be just what you need to change around your space.

Photo/Video Options

Capture your home like a magazine ad and create your own portfolio season to season - or - house to house. It's the best way to remember what you have done in the past.

Packages available for photos and videos upon request. PS include a pet for personality;)

why choose us?

Home & Cottages assists you with selections from architectural details to interior finishings, collaborating with contractors, local & international sourcing. We are passionate about creating a home/space unique to you. Incorporating eclectic styles, European nostalgia, traditional with a twist, modern mixed with vintage, farmhouse, cozy cottage, etc.!

We believe in incorporating a sustainable approach to design; combining pieces you already have (i.e., refinishing, repurposing), adding new & custom pieces to complement. Each project is personal & unique, presenting opportunity to share with you our passion for quality and attention to detail

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