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Renovating is a creative way to make your existing space fit your growing needs. It's exciting and has so much potential, but it also means facing mountains choices from materials and colors to furniture and wall placement. You want your end result to be the most rewarding and fulfilling without any do-overs. These decisions are crucial to the flow and life of your new space and we can help.



While it may be true that we live with a throw away culture,  the art of re-defined style is alive and well. Adopting a sustainable approach to design means taking some of what you have  and mixing it with with a new approach with fresh touches ....  this is where we shine!


Adding Art

Art in your home is such a rewarding experience! Our collaboration with Bugera Matheson Gallery allows us 'behind the scenes' access to so many great Canadian artists. With that comes the stories of each artist through the relationships Angela Bugera has built and nurtured throughout her lifetime.

'Picture your Space' is about sharing that story with you, and finding your true love is important. If you're beginning and just don't know the perfect fit; rent to own until you fall in love and can't let go! It's called Love it or Lease it!! We can be the Matchmaker;)



We adopt a sustainable approach to design by helping you use or re-purpose items you already have, adding new custom pieces where needed. A design consultation is the perfect way to assess your home and make a plan that works for you. Custom order upholstery is designed and made to fit your space, lets put lighting where it's needed, and accessorize with finishing touches. Designers have a trained eye to look for balance, natural symmetry, and the perfect proportions of colour, weight, depth and texture.


Design is our Passion and our Priority

Ask about our in-home design consultations or come visit us at our HC/Strathearn Store. We represent styled cozy cottage, European nostalgia, modern farmhouse, tradition with a twist, and a one-of-a-kind find-your-own-style! We just call it Home:)


Professional Design Team

Our design team and trades experts are here to help you achieve your vision. We lend you our experience of over 20 years in the industry of art and design, and help you on your journey.

When in doubt as an expert - experience always saves you time and money!



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